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Escole Soup
Escarole Soup
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All of the recipes come complete with a DVD and a written recipe page.  The DVD will show you how to prepare and cook each dish with Grandma Grace, all of her charm and whit. Each recipe comes with a page that will give you a short story of the origin of the dish and complete ingredients.

You will be able to prepare, cook and serve these wonderful meals by seeing the preperation and tecniques needed to have a great tasting dish to serve. You will know the traditions and the love that went into each and everyone of them.

Grandma Grace has preserved the old world for all of us to enjoy for many years to come.
Escole Soup
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Escole Soup
with Small Italian Meatballs
filled with Ricotta Cheese
Braciole - Meatballs - Sausage
Escole Soup
Garlic Knots
Escole Soup
Italian Cheesecake
Tomato Gravy
for non-Italians - Sauce
with Garlic & Herb dressing
with Cherry & Pineapple filling
All of these video recipes are included on DVD for a wonderful holiday meal or at any time of the year.  Each recipe comes complete with a list of ingredients and instructions to follow as you are viewing the video of Grandma Grace.

Order your DVD of Grandma Grace and enjoy the excitement and warmth
of a great family meal where love starts with you.

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