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For many years I wished that I had spent more time with both my grandmothers.  It was more than just fun times, they tought me so much through the years, and the one thing they did was teach me how to cook. When they were gone, so were all of their receipes. Some were scatered, some went to my sisters, some to my cousins but none of us knew how to make so many of the things our grandmothers had showed us how to do.

I Miss my grandmothers and all of the good times in the kitchen. The fun, the food, the family.

Grandma Grace is my mother and yes she is still teaching all of us and her grandkids how to make all of the family favorites. There are now grandchildren, great grandchildren and of course great great grandchildren for Grandma Grace. The one thing I don't want to happen is for all of them to lose the love and the food and the family traditions that have been with all of us through these years.

It was obvious for me what to do about it. I have been a videographer for many years and have been producing all kinds of videos, So why not Grandma Grace. To preserve my mothers love on video forever and share it with all of the family as well as friends. There is no greater joy or love I can give to my mother.

Ever since I can remember every holiday, like most family's we have had a traditional meal. That same meal has been in my family since before my great grandparents came over from the old country. It signifies family and good times as well as great food.

I have put together a series of cooking videos of Grandma Grace giving all of the recipes in detail. You can watch these videos and really learn how to make these dishes, even if your just starting out learing to cook. There is no better way to enjoy food and family. Cooking is the giving of yourself to others and the pleasure it gives to both you and them.  

See all the recipes on our recipe page. Each one has a short video to give you a sample of what each of the videos will be. 
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